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Scott Kelm arises from the need to show a different proposal of branding in Mexico. We are inspired to create under a scheme of simplicity, cleanliness and order. Our communication proposal is established under a fair medium, a point where function and aesthetics converge, because that is where the richness of language lies: in the perfect union between what has to be said and the best way to signify; a path of much exploration that we love to travel in each project.
About us? Dani and I have cared for many brands since our inception. Branding, graphic identity and conceptualization have been a sublime canvas to develop our creativity from scratch: we love to study each idea, no matter how small or developed it may be, and take it to a quite demanding point of synthesis, where as we say
"there is nothing to take away, there is nothing to add."
Our paths as editorial and illustration designers have given us qualities that complement us, because two minds that interpret differently are better than one, which is why both as a duet and individually, our performance leads us to unique paths.
Our daily life is full of atypical and delicious breakfasts, liters of coffee and a few pieces of bread. Our hobby is also our day to day: we paint, draw, explore, travel and photograph our way of seeing the world. And thanks to all this, Scott Kelm has been transformed into a lifestyle, one with a focus and a speech from us to the world.


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We know exactly the way to succeed.